Mark Heckman




How do you share conservation progress?

I share conservation through twitter, starting to use Instagram.

How are you implementing conservation practices?

We implement cover crops, no-till, strip-till, beginning to use bio-char this fall, and strategic nitrogen placement. In addition, we are introducing microbes into our hog manure to extend the coverage and reduce gallons per acre. Our farm practices calculate to negative carbon intensity on 50% of our corn acres and whole farm corn and bean CI equals mid-teens.

What makes you a champion of conservation?

I champion conservation in many ways. 1. We talk about the practices we follow on our farm. This is done on Twitter, at national events, and through my off-farm employment. I am a strong advocate for including farm practices as a part of the solution to drive feedstock carbon intensity lower through the processing facility's carbon analysis. 2. I focus on keeping the soil active in breaking down organic materials through microbes and providing feed for the microbes through cover-crops. We practice and advocate for minimal tillage to prevent GHG emissions. 3. I promote others’ activities in conservation through my network and adopt practices from others when possible. 4. My wife and I are creating a network/distributorship to get cover-crops into Eastern Iowa. Cover crops must be fairly priced long-term and we are reaching into the Dakotas to create partnerships for low-cost supplies. 5. I believe agriculture is the solution to climate change and those making a difference should stand proud of their contributions and share their experience.

Questions or Comments?

Contact: Aaron Putze

1255 SW Prairie Trail Pkwy, Ankeny, IA 50023