What is Iowa's Front Forty?

Iowa's Front Forty is a continued celebration of our state's conservation champions, at the forefront of sustainable soil and water management practices. Each year, 40 future-thinking Iowans will be selected to help personify progress and encourage environmental initiatives for our state's future.

How is the Iowa Soybean Association affiliated with Iowa's Front Forty?

Iowa Soybean Association has long championed conservation efforts and driven private and public funding efforts. With the generously donated funds from the Walton Family Foundation, Iowa’s Front Forty was created to leverage funding and increase successful conservation practices across Iowa.

Why is the Walton Family Foundation funding the Front Forty project?

The Walton Family Foundation’s goal is to make sure there is enough healthy, available water for people and nature to thrive together. Because those who are closest to a challenge are often closest to its solution, we work with farmers (and fishermen, ranchers, businesses and conservationists) to lead by example in charting an economically and environmentally sustainable path forward for our planet. In the Front Forty project, we’re excited to see so many conservation-minded farmers discussing what works for them, the needs they see in their communities, and the solutions they propose.

Who is eligible to become a Front Forty champion?

Any Iowan who uses their influence, knowledge, and practices to promote progress and create sustainable conservation practices that benefit all Iowans.

How do I become a Front Forty champion?

Fill out the form on this site and tell us about your recent conservation experience and what the future of Iowa needs.

How are the champions selected?

The executive team at Iowa Soybean Association will diligently review all submissions and select the individuals who best personify progress and show commitment to conservation in Iowa.

How do I know if I am selected?

You will receive personal confirmation from executives at the Iowa Soybean Association.

What happens if I become a Front Forty champion?

Along with being honored as a Front Forty champion, your conservation story will be featured on a webpage to serve as an example for interested Iowans.

Do I have to be a farmer to be eligible?

No, conservation in Iowa is a shared mission between all its residents. We highly encourage members from both rural and urban settings to apply. We all impact Iowa's future.

What if I'm not an Iowan?

If you live outside of Iowa, we're glad you found our page and hope you can visit soon to see the progress we're making. But our champions must reside in one of Iowa's 99 counties.

Questions or Comments?

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