Brent Low


Buena Vista


Brent was born and raised on a small family farm in St. Ansgar. A graduate of Waldorf College and Purdue University, Brent has spent his entire career in agriculture, with roles including sales leadership, retail distribution and marketing.


What are you doing to practice and promote soil and water quality?

Our companies have been legacy members of Agriculture’s Clean Water Alliance (ACWA). Our legacy company, Ag Partners, LLC, has been an early advocate for precision agriculture and of recent data management to help the grower manage inputs while focusing on water utilization. We have also incorporated a conservation agronomist within our company that helps our customers better understand sound soil management practices.

What could be done with more public funding for soil and water quality?

We have learned that education is key, the farmer has to better understand what options are available to them to preserve water quality and how all, including the farmer, can benefit from different farming practices.

Questions or Comments?

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