Steve McGrew




Steve farms near Emerson with three brothers and a nephew.


What are you doing to practice and promote soil and water quality?

We've been no-tilling for a long time, and we've been cover cropping whenever we can. I enjoy that, but we're still learning a lot about it. We're in the CSP programs that pay us to do more things. We also do stuff with nutrient management and waterways. There's a lot of different things to do.

What needs for soil health and water quality do you see in your region/county?

I think in our area, we still need to get people to start in some of these practices. Perhaps we give farmers some seed money to try it out for a few years, and then hopefully, they can take off on their own.

What could be done with more public funding for soil and water quality?

I think some additional public funding can be used to continue on some of the water creek projects where they give you almost 100% to start with and see if you like it. I could see continuing on some of the soil and water conservation district programs.

Questions or Comments?

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